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Tessa Fisher: Astrobiology and Alien Life | Debrief Official Podcast #1

Tessa Fisher is an Astrobiologist and researcher using network theory to detect the presence of life on exoplanets.

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Interview Summary?
0:00 – Introduction
0:31 – Tessa Fisher’s inspiration to go into astrobiology and what is her most important research methodology
1:33 – What is an Exoplanet and what is what is Network Theory?
4:40 – Search for potentially non carbon-based life forms
8:18 – Nearest exoplanet, what technologies are used for observing exoplanets and who is funding them? (Nancy Grace Roman, and European Southern Observatory)
14:42 – How are spectrometers used in coordination with network theory
16:46 – Understanding comets, asteroids, and meteors in the solar system
18:24 – Halley’s Comet and inter solar system objects
21:06 – What is Oumuamua? How it influences Tessa Fisher’s work and the scientific community studying exoplanets in the search for extraterrestrial life
23:15 – Harvard Astrophysicist Avi Loeb associate on ‘Oumuamua and Aliens and probabilities of Oumuamua of data
29:21 – Scientific Method, Deduction in Science, & Occam’s Razor
35:53 – What is a Solar Sail and the Avi Loeb hypothesis?
38:29 – Is Oumuamua Alien Tech? What would an interstellar probe comprise from an Astrobiology perspective?
51:35 – Is it frustrating to move slowly when doing Astrobiology & Exoplanet research?
55:20 – How do you get scientific projects funded and who’s funding them? Is bias a caused in Science by funding sources?
57:07 – How do we solve the problem of overspecialization in science and improve communication across scientific disciplines?
1:01:22 – NSA verwhelmed with data, it’s no longer effective, says whistleblower
1:03:27 – Tessa Fisher, thoughts on (UAP) Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Better Known as UFOs