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Dyson Spheres Could Help Us Find Advanced Alien Technology

Could Dyson Spheres lead SETI astronomers to find alien life? This Sci-fi plot device may help answer one of our greatest mysteries.

What is a Solar Sail? Astrobiologist Tessa Fisher Talks About Solar Sails on The Official Debrief Podcast.

Astrobiologist Tessa Fisher explains how solar radiation interacts with a solar sail and whether or not it explains ‘Oumuamua.

Does ‘Oumuamua Prove Science Doesn’t Want To Find Aliens?

The debate over whether or not ‘Oumuamua was an artificial alien object is far deeper than most realize and speaks of science as a whole.

James Webb Telescope Targets Trappist-1 for ET Life in Milky Way Galaxy

After the James Webb Telescope has reached orbit in October 2021, one of its missions will be to search for ET life in the TRAPPIST-1 system.

Tessa Fisher: Astrobiology and Alien Life | Debrief Official Podcast #1

On this episode, host Michael Mataluni interviews astrobiologist Tessa Fisher and talks about alien life, exoplanets, and Oumuamua.

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Methane May Be The Best Way to Find Extraterrestrial Life

It is likely that Methane gas, and not Oxygen, will represent the first chemical sign of life on another planet, according to new study.

China’s SETI Program Will Find Alien Life First, Says Chinese Astronomer

Zhang Tongjie, a Chinese cosmology professor, believes that China’s SETI Program will be the first to find an alien transmission.

Oumuamua ‘Alien probe’ may be the way to search for life, according to Harvard astrophysicist Essay argues interstellar objects may be ‘message in a bottle.’

Avi Loeb’s recent essay challenges scientists to expand their search for extraterrestrial life beyond signals to also look for alien probes.

The James Webb Telescope Will Change the Way We See The Cosmos

The James Webb Telescope is scheduled for launch in October 2021. It will give us the ability to see the cosmos like we never have before.

Can Humanity Build a Space Station on Ceres?

Astrophysicist Pekka Janhunen has published a paper claiming that humans could be living on a space station orbiting Ceres.

Russia’s Su-57 will ‘Easily Kill’ the F-35, claims Russian Pilot as the Fighter Enters Service

Despite over a decade of problems and questions about capabilities, Russian pilot say’s Russia’s Su-57 could “easily kill” the F-35.

Inauguration Day: Biden’s New DoD and Aerial Threats

With the inauguration of President Biden, we look at his cabinet picks and defense strategy, as well as what the new administration’s attitudes toward the UAP issue may be.