Debrief Weekly ReportThe Debrief Weekly Report


Get your weekly burst of scientific illumination from The Debrief’s network of rebellious journalists as they warp through the latest breaking science and tech news from the world of tomorrow.

Every Tuesday, join hosts MJ Banias and Stephanie Gerk as they roundup the latest science and tech stories from the pages of The Debrief. From far-future technology to space travel to strange physics that alters our perception of the universe, The Debrief Weekly Report is meant for the dreamers who love the science and technology of the future.

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Rebelliously Curious with Chrissy Newton

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From the scientific mysteries of today to the innovations and technologies that will set the pace for the world of tomorrow, Rebelliously Curious is a podcast that explores science, technology, and the unexplained in rich, colorful conversations tailored for the passionately inquisitive mind. In every episode, host Chrissy Newton, a longtime podcaster, video journalist, media expert, and contributor to The Debrief dives into the less-often-explored areas of science and culture.

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Micah Hanks PodcastThe Micah Hanks Program


The Micah Hanks Program is a weekly podcast covering science and the mysteries of our universe. The show takes a critically-minded approach to the study of our world, and each week Micah presents commentary and discussions with guests on subjects that include unidentified aerial phenomena (or UFOs), space and astronomy, the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI), myths and folklore, archaeology and ancient mysteries, artificial intelligence, futurism, science fiction, and more.

Every week, Micah takes his listeners to the boundaries of human knowledge, in search of the most fascinating and unusual topics our world has to offer.

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ASK Dr. Chance: An INteractive Podcast

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Curious about advancements in warp drive technology? “Ask Dr. Chance,” a new interactive podcast featuring the University of Houston-Victoria’s provost professor and engineer Dr. Chance Glenn focuses on the questions of the curious-minded who have a fascination for new technology and science theories.

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