starfield spacesuit
(Credit: ESA/Microsoft/X-Box)

Starfield, Xbox, and the European Space Agency Are Giving Away a Real-Life Spacesuit

Bethesda Game Studios, makers of the popular Elder Scrolls and Fallout video game franchises, have partnered with Xbox and the European Space Agency (ESA) to solicit proposals for a new spacesuit based on their popular Starfield role-playing game franchise. The creator of the winning design will receive various gifts, including a real-life spacesuit built using their specifications.

The contest is currently accepting submissions online until February 24th, 2024, at 8:00 PM Pacific Time. The winner will be notified of their successful submission on March 11th, although no timeline is given for the actual delivery of the winner’s spacesuit.

Include Your Style and Vision for the Future of Space Travel but Not Your Starfield Weapons

“Xbox, Bethesda, and ESA want to know — what would you wear in outer space?” asks the contest entry page. “How would your spacesuit look and reflect your personal style and individuality?”

The same page includes a link to download the contest’s design template, as well as links to the terms and conditions and privacy policy governing the entire endeavor.

To actually create a customized spacesuit and submit it for entry, the page instructs entrants to “Either edit the template directly or use it as creative inspiration with your own template submission.” In their submission, entrants should include visual designs that “show the full body front and back” of the spacesuit, as well as side views.

starfield spacesuit
Contest entrants are instructed to follow a customized template.

“Consider how your spacesuit represents you, your style, and your vision for space travel,” the contest sponsors explain.

The site also says entrants need to make sure that their submission features no weapons, and that entrants should “include a short description of your design and your choices in both color and design materials.” All submissions must come in PDF, JPEG, PNG, or PPT file format, the site explains. Also, all design images must be static, and file sizes cannot exceed 10MB.

For anyone looking for inspiration, self-described Polish cosplayer and propmaker CyberianWorkshop recently jumped on the Starfield Reddit subgroup to share their own customized design based on that popular Constellation spacesuit featured in Starfield.

starfield spacesuit
Constellation spacesuit built by cosplayer CyberianWorkshop

The winner Will Receive Gifts, Including a Customized Spacesuit

If your design is chosen as the winner, the site says that they will have your spacesuit fabricated and sent to you. The winner will also receive an Xbox Series X, a Starfield Limited Edition Xbox Wireless Controller, and a Headset.

“Xbox, Starfield, and ESA (European Space Agency) are on a shared mission to invest in the future of space exploration,” the contest sponsors explain. “We need your curiosity and creativity to reimagine how we interact with outer space. That’s not all. The way that you explore the universe’s possibilities could earn you one-of-a-kind rewards.”

“The Final Frontier is Just the Beginning,” the contest page exclaims.

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