Micah Hanks Program

The Quickening


Humankind continues to move steadily toward an uncertain future… one where advancements in artificial intelligence, the potential discovery of alien life, the prospects of contact with non-human intelligence (NHI), and global threats our planet may face are all becoming distinct potentials.

For many, the idea of an apparent “quickening” resonates deeply in light of such future developments, but what do they mean for humanity, and how do they relate to the experiences of those who say they have had firsthand encounters with the anomalous? This week on The Micah Hanks Program, we are joined by author Whitley Strieber, who discusses the role of the experiencer in the UAP equation, as well as his own famous recollections that helped to normalize the concept of contact with non-human intelligence.

Have you had a UFO/UAP sighting? Please consider sending us your sighting report, which may be of great importance to our scientific understanding of these phenomena. You can submit your sightings here, and we are happy to ensure anonymity for those who prefer not to share their information publicly.

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