Be Prepared for Anything and Everything.

Emergencies are inevitable. Yet how individuals prepare to respond to emergencies is usually the defining characteristic of how they do in those moments of trouble and extreme strife. However, preparation doesn’t have to mean exhaustive hours of hard work or anxious hand-wringing.

Six in 10 Americans think they’ll likely be personally impacted by a natural disaster in the next three to five years. But only 34 percent have taken the step of assembling a supply kit for emergencies.

Basic preparedness is something everyone needs to consider. The GetxGo Modernized Emergency Kit is a perfect response to that potential threat.


If Batman’s utility belt became a package of emergency supplies in the event of a disaster, it would probably look a lot like this fire-resistant, water-resistant kit. Inside, this all-in-one kit is packed to the gills, stocked with over 40 intelligently organized essentials.

There’s a smart fold-out organization system in play in this lunch box-sized kit, optimized for easy storage with not in use and supreme portability when it’s needed.

A centerpiece of any go bag, the GO Kit has food and water rations as well as a fully stocked first aid kit, including bandages of varying sizes; blister and burn treatment; wound care, fracture and sprain gear; and medications like aspirin, acetaminophen, and ibuprofen.

This kit distinguishes itself by everything else it packs into its ultra-concise complement. Users will find a compass and whistle.

For warmth, there’s a hand warmer, a rain poncho, a towel, and an emergency blanket. For safety, there are gloves, goggles, a KN95 mask, and a survival candle.

And to prove this is a 2021-ready go bag, this set also features some much needed communication tools, including a solar powered crank radio, a solar powered power bank, and a universal charging cable. News is always at a premium when disaster strikes, and not having to rely on old, potentially drained power in those key moments is a virtually godsend.

Meanwhile, the kit is jam-packed with Boy Scout-worthy, always be prepared-style extra equipment, including matches, a glow stick, a multi-tool, and that most versatile of versatile EDC items, the one that can do it all, a roll of heavy-duty duct tape.

Since no one knows the conditions this emergency kit could face, it’s also built for an apocalypse, capable of withstanding flames up to 1,800°F or repelling water, even if the entire kit ends up being fully submerged.


Finally, there’s one last hidden treasure that goes with the kit, but doesn’t live in the kit at all. It’s the GetxGo app, which includes a phone-stored file containing all of your most important documents in digital form…just in case. Considering the importance of hanging on to important deeds, wills, and other legal documents for true emergency cases, it only makes sense this cloud-based file remains accessible anywhere you go.

Perfectly sized to be kept in an office, a kitchen cabinet, or the trunk of a car, this kit is composed to help in any situation. Whether you store it in its original casing or leave it in the larger backpack-style case, this collection can be positioned to safely sit on a bookshelf, hang out inside a pantry, chill in the hall closet or almost anywhere, it’s an incredibly handy and smart go-to package when life gets really dicey.

And speaking of stress situations, it’s a particularly smart play for professional women and moms alike to have access to a GetxGo, a one-stop be-prepared package that’s almost as versatile as moms themselves.


Right now, shoppers can grab a GO Kit starting as low as $155. You can also find deals on a full GO Kit, which features a backpack-sized carrying case, along with a nearly indestructible document pouch.

If you want to make sure you’re ready for an emergency in a handful of spots, or just want to outfit a few close family and friends as well, they’re also offering discounts for anyone interested in acquiring multiple sets for equipping all of your home, work, and mobile locations.


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