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Jeffrey J. Kripal: History of Religion, UAP, and Humanity’s Place in the Cosmos

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The division between humanities and sciences in the study of UFOs and the exploration of the possibility of intelligent life elsewhere in the cosmos has become a common practice. But why? Why can’t either of these fields find common ground in an area of study that no one has a definite answer to?

Jeffrey J. Kripal, a professor who holds the J. Newton Rayzor Chair in Philosophy and Religious Thought at Rice University, joins me in a discussion on various intersections of UAP, Theology and science. Though out of discussion we stubble into our human inherent religious tribalism. Is this hindering our progression of understanding our place in the cosmos in light of potential life elsewhere? And why in Abrahamic regions we view ETs “as us and them, and God is on our side.” Meanwhile taking a deeper look at why some experiencers turn to myths and symbols of Christian demonology for answers.

Join us as we get rebelliously curious.

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