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Project Moon Dust


In the 1970s, the existence of a once-secret program called “Project Moon Dust” first came to the attention of UFO researchers employing the Freedom of Information Act to obtain U.S. government documents about unidentified aerial phenomena. Although the U.S. Air Force initially denied its existence, it was later confirmed that Project Moon Dust, along with the similar Project Blue Fly, had been tasked with the acquisition of any fallen space objects believed to have originated within the Soviet Union… but is that all the program collected?

This week on The Micah Hanks Program, we look at the strange saga of Project Moon Dust, what is known about the Cold War-era program from official documents, and how claims about its alleged involvement with the recovery of crashed UFOs were amplified by a once-prominent UFO whistleblower. Could Project Moon Dust have actually had any relationship to the collection of objects of unknown origin?

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