Rebelliously Curious With Chrissy Newton

In the latest edition of Rebelliously Curious, The Debrief’s Chrissy Newton sits down with Metaverse expert Kevin Cornish. Founder of the VR company ‘Moth + Flame,’ Cornish walks Chrissy through a number of topics around the emerging metaverse, and the role it will likely play in human society.


First, Kevin talks about Moth + Flame, and the various entertainment industry projects his company is working on since its founding in 2015. This includes efforts for The Walking Dead, Sponge Bob Square Pants, and even a custom application for Netflix.

“We’ve spent out lives watching movies,” says Cornish, noting the overriding mindset at his virtual reality company. “What happens if you can step through that screen and be a part of that movie?

Chrissy also asks Cornish “What is the Metaverse?”

“It’s the virtual world,” he explains, before laying out how different devices like headsets and phones are simply portals into that virtual world.

Cornish also goes into detail on how Moth + Flame is trying to create a first person story telling experience much like a traditional role playing game, only with the immersive “emotional” experience that only something like VR can bring.

“There’s not going to be a map of the metaverse,” explains Cornish of the actual layout of the metaverse. “But, there will be places that are associated with different emotions, different feelings, that are kind of the drug store of the dopamines and serotonins of the different things people want to have happening inside their minds.”

Chrissy also quizzes Cornish on the role the traditional internet will play in the metaverse, and if there is a possibility that the majority of internet functions will essentially be replaced by a three dimension metaverse.

“The definition of the code (in the metaverse) was designed to create a world,” he explains of the new approach,” not a flat image.”

From that point forward, Cornish’s answers become more intriguing and more immersive, much like the metaverse he is discussing.

To learn even more about the metaverse and the ways Kevin’s company Moth + Flame is designing immersive worlds that will capture our imaginations, go watch the rest of the interview now.

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