The Debrief Weekly News Roundup with Crisitna Gomez

In the latest edition of The Debrief’s Weekly News Roundup, our own Cristina Gomez takes a look a four stories that were at the forefront of our rebelliously curious minds.


First, she dives into the world-making news that a research team funded by DARPA have stumbled upon the discovery of a real world warp bubble. Of course, warp drives still reside in science fiction, however this latest breakthrough offers scientists a real-world, testable “warp spacecraft” (albeit a very tiny one) that they say will create its own warp bubble.

In her next story, Crisitna takes a peek at how scientists are using blue light to exert mind control over laboratory mice. This groundbreaking process allows researchers to interfere with the chemical signal passing between the neurons inside those mice’s brain, providing the ability to exert “mind control,” including removing fear, pain, or other emotions simply using the power of light.

Of course, few stories are as big or as significant to Debrief readers as the machinations between the various bodies of government over what to do about the regular incursions by UAP witnessed by civilian and military pilots alike. And unlike previous periods in history when such issues were swept under the rug, followers of the topic find themselves faced with a number of possible UAP research programs. This situation has made many followers unsure which program is best, and which is most likely to provide the answers they seek. This story digs into those issues, offering a rare moment of clarity in this increasingly clouded debate.

Finally, Crisitna highlights the story of 301 new exoplanets found outside of our solar system. This discovery adds to the list of previously confirmed exoplanets, bringing the overall extremely close to 5,000. And, although the planets found in this latest batch are not the type astronomers and astrobiologists typically search for signs of extraterrestrial life, they say that their discovery does aid that overall effort. To find out how, give the article a read, as well as the others highlighted above. But only after enjoying Cristina’s video.

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