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The DoD’s Dark UAP Secret


In the Autumn of 1957, a series of events unfolded that, for a time, left U.S. defense officials believing that the country was on the verge of war with the Soviet Union, as a pair of mysterious objects were tracked on radar systems making their way toward a series of high security facilities. Before action could be taken, the objects mysteriously vanished, and the story receded into the shadows of Cold War memories for decades, prior to a series of once-secret CIA files surfaced detailing the startling incident.

What do such circumstances say about the U.S. military’s capabilities in terms of unidentified aerial phenomena? Based on a recent series of documents released through FOIA requests, decades later the U.S. is still struggling to reconcile the problem presented by UAP in our airspace. This week on The Micah Hanks Program, we analyze the ongoing problem that may very well represent the DoD’s darkest UAP secret of all: what it doesn’t know about mysterious aerial phenomena.

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