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Craft Retrievals of Non-Human Origin?


Is the United States in possession of anomalous craft of non-human origin? Has this information been illegally kept from Congress? These are among the questions raised by a bombshell story published at The Debrief by Leslie Kean and Ralph Blumenthal who, in 2017, reframed the public debate about unidentified aerial phenomena in an article published in The New York Times. 

Now, a former intelligence official, David Charles Grusch, has come forward and filed a complaint with the Intelligence Community Inspector General alleging that knowledge of such retrievals of non-human craft has been illegally kept from Congress.

This week on The Micah Hanks Program, Kean and Blumenthal join me to discuss the story, the investigative process behind it, and how it all came together. Then later in the program, co-founder of The Debrief and investigative reporter Tim McMillan joins us to discuss the vetting and research process behind the scenes prior to the article’s publication.

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