The Apollo Wearable Helps You Deal With Stress So You Can Sleep Better And Feel Better

The Apollo Wearable Teaches The Nervous System to Rebalance On Its Own

Coping mechanisms for stress go back centuries, including everything from meditation to music to the comforting embrace of a hug. Now, the Apollo Neuro wearable can help you manage stress and feelings of anxiety by teaching the body how to recover and rebalance on its own.


We’ve known it for years. Stress is a killer. Whether it’s professional pressures, financial worries, family drama, or just daily irritants like traffic and rude people, every day is packed with opportunities to put our stress levels into orbit. Meanwhile, science has been slowly, but assuredly, confirming that yes, stress doesn’t just wear on your mind and spirit. It also affects your body physically.

Just last month, a multi-year study published in an American Heart Association journal found increased evidence that heightened stress hormones appear to increase a person’s risk for high blood pressure and heart-related ailments, including heart attacks.

Dr. David Rabin is a board-certified psychiatrist and neuroscientist specializing in the treatment of chronic stress, and noticed a pattern in his clinical work: stress was amplifying his patients’ symptoms. Knowing that touch was an often overlooked tactic for managing stress, Rabin’s research at the University of Pittsburgh led to the discovery that low frequency, inaudible sound frequencies actually have a similar effect to soothing touch. In fact, those sound waves not only affected how the patients coped with stress, but they produced measurable biometric results.

Those studies led to the creation of the Apollo wearable, a device worn on the wrist or ankle that helps regulate the nervous system and teaches the body to be more resilient to stress. Apollo’s silent, soothing vibrations help the body feel safe and in control.



Chronic stress over-activates the nervous system, prompting it into the sympathetic fight-or-flight response. This spikes your energy levels and heart rate, ultimately making you feel distracted and overwhelmed. Wearing the Apollo device helps counter this fight-or-flight response, by sparking the rest-and-digest parasympathetic response, bringing your nervous system back into balance so you can focus, relax, and sleep better.

Apollo accomplishes this by delivering gentle vibrations that the body reads the same way it reads a hug, allowing the body to slow down and the brain to think more clearly. Apollo centers on improving heart rate variability (HRV), a key biometric of stress resilience.

HRV measures the rate of change of your heart rate over time, and the higher it is, the more adaptable your body is at bouncing back from stress. On the other hand, a low HRV indicates that your body isn’t recovering from l stress, keeping you in a heightened fight-or-flight state. Low HRV can lead to anxiety, cardiovascular illness, and sleep-related issues like insomnia. Apollo helps improve your HRV, so you can better focus, sleep deeply, and stay calm. Regular use of the Apollo device actually retrains your nervous system, allowing you to recover from stressful situations more quickly.

Rather than relying on drugs, Apollo is a natural approach to stress management, giving your body a gentle nudge in the right direction for dealing with stressors that can impact your overall health and well-being. After consistent use, Apollo users experience better sleep patterns, sharper focus, and a greater sense of emotional balance.


Right now, those looking to put their mind and body on a healthier track can try out the Apollo Neuro at 10% off the retail price. For a limited time only, it’s available in three limited-edition colors—Marine, Rose, and Glacier—for only $315.

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