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Babbel Live Makes Language Learning Real With Live Online Courses

Babbel Live Balances the Convenience of App Learning With the Unquestioned Value of Live, In-Person Language Training.

Gone are the days of night school. Now, if you want to learn something new to enhance your resume or just make you a more well-rounded person, you find a training app, follow the online course, and drink in the knowledge through your phone, tablet, or laptop.

That distance learning path is what helped turn Babbel into the international language learning juggernaut it is today. After guiding 10 million global users to online mastery of a foreign language over nearly 15 years, Babbel is innovating again, this time by balancing the convenience of app learning with the unquestioned value of live, in-person language training.

Babbel Live is now live.



Babbel Live takes language learning back to its roots: back to a student, teacher, and classmates. But this time, they’re all meeting on Babbel’s custom digital platform instead.

New Babbel Live members will likely be impressed by the sheer breadth of course options available to students of all levels. Once they’ve chosen to dive into Spanish, French, German, or Italian, users can take an unlimited number of courses they can choose from each and every day. In addition to class times that happen virtually around the clock, each course is also based around a particular topic, whether it’s work, travel, dining, and more.

Users select their topic, find the time that best fits with their busy schedule, then attend the lesson virtually.


Babbel Live courses probably aren’t like the giant language labs with 20 or 30 students that you remember from high school. Each Babbel Live course consists of a certified instructor (4.8/5 satisfaction score) and a maximum of six students. That’s it.

Back in high school, it was probably nice to fade into the background and respond to the teacher once or twice per class. But that’s why you’re learning a language again now, right? You didn’t learn it the first time.

Instead, each Babbel Live course gives every student vast opportunities to listen, speak, communicate, and really engage in the lesson with their fellow students and their teacher. Learners get to put their training into immediate use with hands-on conversations with other students in Babbel’s judgment-free classroom environment.

During each of these exchanges, the teacher is listening in, ready to offer instant feedback on performance and suggest possible steps to improve a student’s speaking.

Along with all that practice, Babbel Live goes beyond just vocab and grammar. Instructors offer context to the lesson with color about the region, culture, customs, and other inner workers of the language and its people that you’ll never find in a textbook.

Each of these languages is live and constantly in flux with millions of speakers worldwide every day, so Babbel’s training holds a mirror up to that life so students don’t just understand the words and formal structure, but the real meaning as well.


Along with the package of live courses, Babbel Live members get another huge perk with their subscription: access to all the resources of Babbel’s award-winning language learning app materials as well. In between live classes, students can work out their knowledge whenever they can find some time, plunging into Babbel’s vast archive of podcasts, games, short stories, and more that can keep the learning fresh 24/7/365.

Learn in the 21st century with Babbel Live! If you’ve got a trip planned or just think you’re ready to sink your teeth into a new language, the Babbel Live website has all the details for finding the monthly plan that fits your learning for up to 65% off.

Prices subject to change.


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