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The Debrief Tech Talk Premier Edition: Meet Our Geeks!

In the first (and hopefully not last) ever episode of Tech Talk, the Debrief’s brand spankin’ new hosts Josh Rutledge and Mr. Stefan Gearhart take a look at a piece of equipment known as the Presonos Studio 68C.

tech talk
Presonos Studio 68C

tech talk

The story behind their discovery of this piece of equipment is a rather surprising one. In fact, according to Mr. Gearhart (he prefers “mister” due to his stints as a camp counselor) the two podcast partners were in the desert in the 1880’s rolling tobacco when…..oh, wait. I guess that was just a joke.

Anyway, the two hosts do actually go into a great amount of detail regarding this impressive piece of equipment, including their own experiences using it over the last 2 years as radio show hosts, podcasters, and now Tech Talkers.

Before you actually check out the show for yourself, there are a few things to keep in mind:

1: The guys really use this equipment, so their knowledge is first-hand.

2: The hosts received no compensation from the manufacturer to discuss this product. It is simply the one they use and are familiar with.

3: Josh and Stefan normally host the “Fearscape Paranormal Podcast,” so if any evil spirits or otherwise malevolent specters appear while you are watching the show, it is definitely Josh and Stefan’s fault. Feel free to complain to them at their website

As a bonus, the hosts also discuss the Studio One software that comes with the Presonos system, and their analysis may actually surprise you. (Hint: It’s actually really good!)

In the final segment of the show, Josh and Stefan feature their “App of the Week” Bandlab.

Again, the hosts received no compensation to discuss Bandlab. So, any ghosts, ghouls or poltergeists that appear during the discussion of this piece of software are probably just dead rock stars…so hide your booze.

Tech talk
App of the Week: Bandlab


Anyway, enjoy this light yet informative premier episode of Tech Talk, and the comfortable blend of fun and technology these two experienced hosts bring. If you like what you hear, or have an idea for a future product, please let us know in the comments. Or just hit the guys up on social media. Josh is on the twitter at @@spocktology, and Stefan can be bothered about any topic at @improvislaw

Now go watch the show…and enjoy!


Stefan Gearhart is an improv comedian, voice-over actor, and podcast host. As Co-Host of the YouTube show, Tech Talk, at the Debrief, with Josh Rutledge, he covers modern and future tech from computer tech to gaming and more. His love of all things paranormal, conspiracy, UFO/UAP, horror & pop culture, and metaphysical can be found on his podcasts, FearScape Paranormal and Misters if the Dark as well as his YouTube show, Astral Stew. They can be found at

Josh Rutledge is a tech/sci-fi nerd, researcher, and podcast host. As Co-Host of the YouTube show, Tech Talk, at the Debrief, with Stefan Gearhart, he covers modern and future tech from computer tech to gaming and more.  Josh’s passions include all things Sci-Fi, the paranormal, technology and science in general. He is a major fan of both Star Wars and Star Trek; however, he would say he leans more towards Trek. He enjoys brain teasers and things that require thought to enjoy. On the podcast that he cohosts with Stefan Gearhart; FearScape Paranormal Podcast, he’s had experiences that defy our current understanding of reality.