On today’s episode, physicists have developed a ‘ghost ruler’ using neutrinos, Wolf 1069b is the latest exoplanet discovery, and the future of drone technology is getting scary.

Wolf 1069b Was an Inside Job!

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Join Stephanie Gerk and MJ Banias this week as they discuss the latest news from the pages of The Debrief. In this episode, MJ becomes convinced that “ghost particles” (more commonly known as neutrinos) are simply the spirits of his dead ancestors even though a research team from the University of Rochester is using them to measure sub-atomic particles in a breakthrough study. Stephanie has fallen in love in a newly discovered exoplanet, Wolf 1069b, and has already begun packing her bags for the 31 lightyear trip. To be safe, MJ will remain on Earth in preparation for the looming development of Skynet, as DARPA is developing advanced drone swarm technology.

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