Alternative Propulsion Conference to Showcase Live “Anti-Gravity” Experiments

The Three Day In-Person Event Features Livestream on Saturday, November 13th

The Alternative Propulsion Energy Conference (APEC) will livestream a range of anti-gravity related experiments online this Saturday, November 13th, 2021. Part of the conference’s one year anniversary celebration, the experiments are part of a larger three-day in-person conference.

“We’re gonna hold the whole thing here at Falcon Space headquarters,” conference founder Mark Sokol told The Debrief, “but yeah, there will be anti-gravity experiments on the Saturday livestream.” Sokol also made sure to point out that just like a typical 1-day APEC event, discussions and presentations will be part of the livestream.


Earlier this year, The Debrief sat down with Sokol to talk about his work at Falcon Space, as well as his founding of the APEC conference. That discussion resulted in a full-length feature, highlighting Sokol’s route from religious student to battery replacement specialist, and finally, to full-time anti-gravity researcher and founder of his own company Falcon Space.

“I think [that] where science really went wrong was when Einstein got his Nobel Prize for dreaming up theory, as opposed to experimental results.” Sokol told The Debrief in that piece, highlighting his preference for hands-on experiments. “[After that] I think the scientists sort of got addicted to sitting at home and coloring on white boards.”

More recently, The Debrief reported on the unique nature of the APEC bi-weekly conference, which consistently brings together NASA veterans like Glen “Tony” Robertson, who was part of that organization’s only official anti-gravity experiments back in the 1990s, and outspoken science visionaries like Jack Sarfatti who was the inspiration for the character Emmett “Doc” Brown from the Back to the Future franchise, with hands-on experimenters like Sokol and his Falcon Space colleagues.

Anti-Gravity Experiments
APEC CONFERENCE: Saturday, November 13, 2021


In this tradition of prioritizing experimentation over theory, at least whenever possible, Sokol and a large number of his fellow APEC conference regulars decided it was long past time they all got together in person. The result is this three-day event.

“I don’t know who all is coming,” Sokol told The Debrief,” but I think it will be a good turnout.”

According to the APEC website: “Our conference presenters and attendees include a diverse collection of Ph.D. physicists, engineers & garage-experimenters who have come together in a single forum. [They] range from theoretical physicists publishing peer-review papers on quantum & relativity theory to gravity-hackers trying to reverse-engineer UFOs in their garage.”


If you believe you are the type of person who fits in the above description but don’t live in the New Jersey area, conference host Tim Ventura has provided The Debrief with a direct link for anyone who wants to watch Saturday’s experiments online.

“Not everybody at APEC plays with Star Trek dolls,” Ventura previously told The Debrief, “Just most of them.”


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