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These Mushroom Gummies Can Help Promote Calm, and Even Increase Productivity

It probably comes as no surprise that a big chunk of the world is incredibly stressed out. Especially after the last few years we’ve all encountered, it’s no exaggeration to assume that just about everybody in your life – from family and close friends to casual acquaintances to people you pass on the street – are all dealing with unusual and ever escalating levels of stress.   

While there are nearly as many ways for dealing with stress as there are people suffering from all that pressure, some methods certainly work better than others. Thankfully, some stress-relief modalities have become very thoroughly tested after literally centuries of use.

While you may have only used mushrooms to top your steak or liven up an omelet, adaptogenic mushrooms like those can offer some amazing benefits. Serving as the main active ingredient in Plant People’s WonderDay Mushroom Gummies, they can go a long way toward soothing a whole host of physical and mental maladies, including helping to bring your daily stress back under control.


BACKGROUND: It’s a Mix of Ingredients That Makes WonderDay Gummies Work So Well

One in three Americans say they suffer from extreme stress. Nearly half say it affects their sleep and about three-quarters say it impacts their mental and physical health. As expected, it’s also often burdened groups that report feeling that stress most acutely, including women, minorities, and single parents who feel particularly susceptible.

While sleep medications can leave users feeling run down and groggy the next day, adaptogenic mushrooms are a natural, time-proven means of getting the body and mind into balance, or homeostasis.

WonderDay Gummies are the world’s first daily mushroom-multi gummy, a chewable bringing together 10 research-backed fruiting body mushroom extracts to craft a supplement that supports a body in all the areas it needs: stress, mood, energy, gut health and even immune response.

And when Plant People touts a gathering of mushroom all-star compounds, it doesn’t mean only one or two. These vegan, non-GMO, third party lab-tested and research-backed mushroom gummies collect extracts from 10 different adaptogenic mushroom varieties.

That includes Lion’s Mane, Reishi, Turkey Tail, Cordyceps Militaris and other fungi, each contributing to a blend that amplifies your daily life, both physically and mentally.

Like a well-oiled machine, adaptogens don’t just get the job done on their own. They actually function even better together. By combining these varieties in this precisely balanced creation, these phytochemicals work in unison to promote homeostasis throughout the user’s body. Together, these compounds help the body regulate itself, rebalancing chemical levels and body functions, relaxing the mind and fixing the body.


ANALYSIS: 10 Different Mushroom Extracts Come Together Like a Tasty Symphony 

While all those elements play nicely together, each mushroom extract offers its own individual contribution to your overall physical and mental health. Lion’s Mane promotes mental clarity, focus and memory, while Reishi supports energy, stamina, and stress response. While the Turkey Tail brings cellular nutrients that stabilize gut health and your immune system, Chaga is a robust antioxidant that helps keep your body’s free radicals in check.

While each contributes in their own inimitable way, it’s when they all work in sync with each other that the magic happens. If you need to supplement your body physically by increasing energy, productivity and power, this collection is there to make it happen. Of course, if you’re seeking a way to restore calm and balance out your mood when situations get stressful, this combination is on that as well.

Made with USA cultivated functional mushrooms from family farms of exceptional quality, Plant People prioritizes  rigorous quality control standards and third party lab testing, making it no wonder that WonderDay’s mushroom gummies actually work

Of course, it almost doesn’t matter how well they work if you feel like you have to choke them down first. For those worried that a mushroom gummy will taste earthy and woodsy like…well, a mushroom, there’s no cause for concern. WonderDay Gummies were chef-crafted for taste as well, and taste like cravable juicy raspberry – or something between a Swedish Fish and a JuJube candy! Not bad for a collection of fungi, huh?


OUTLOOK: Feeling Less Stressed and Centered!

With almost 100 customer reviews, users are pleased with the results of their mushroom multis, giving the gummies a stellar 4.9 out of 5 star rating.

“These tasty gummies gave me a little pep and stabilized my mood. Feeling less stressed and centered!” said user Mel.

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