Can Wearable Technology Really Improve Your Health?

Exhaustion is a real challenge facing the modern workforce. In fact, up to 40 percent of adults report feelings of sleepiness that at least occasionally interfere with their daily activities. A lot of working professionals are working on really innovative things these days, and those projects and goals take monumental amounts of time and effort to accomplish. At the same time, parents and working professionals in seasoned fields also continue to work their butts off day after day. 

For as long as humans have been recording history, we’ve been finding new ways to unwind and detach from work for periods of rest and rehabilitation. But, no matter how hungry and hardworking you might be, you need to secure quality rest on a somewhat regular basis to keep your productivity consistent and sustainable. For an effective tool to achieve this balance, check out the Apollo wearable. It provides touch therapy to rebalance your nervous system when it’s time to really let go and relax. 

When you spend the entire day moving through rows of spreadsheets, your mind gets stuck in these loops of problem identification, problem solving, and then repeating. That’s why you might sometimes continue to see the lines of the spreadsheets you work on when you close your eyes at night after a busy day. The same goes for driving rideshare passengers, typing emails, hauling wood, and countless other occupations. To help your brain avoid working overtime, the Apollo wearable sends silent, calming vibrations into your body and to your nervous system. These vibrations train your body to adapt to stress, rebalancing the nervous system so you can stay calm, fall asleep, and achieve focus and flow. 

Unlike other modern wellness wearables, which are known to monitor and track health metrics mainly, Apollo can actively improve your health. In fact, studies have shown that users experience up to 25% better concentration and focus on average, after wearing one consistently. They’ve also reported experiencing, on average,  40% less stress and feelings of anxiety, and 19% more time in deep  sleep. Apollo has also been linked to improving heart rate variability (HRV) in users by 10%, on average. This special biometric of stress resilience is connected to better sleep, calmer being, improved concentration, and overarching wellness. 

Do not hesitate to try out the Apollo wearable, which was developed by neuroscientists and physicians. A totally safe and non-invasive piece of technology, it helps your nervous system spend less time in a tense, fight-or-flight state and more time in states of relaxation and deep focus. After wearing your Apollo for a bit, your body will actually learn how to recover from stress more quickly on its own. 

For a specific influence on your Apollo, you can schedule different modes for the times of the day or night when you need them most. For example, you can set it for Social & Open for tough mornings and boring meetings, Clear & Focused for the period of your day when you need to get the most done, then finally Sleep & Renew at bedtime.

The Apollo wearable’s vast capabilities and non-invasive, health-conscious nature have led to its receiving rave reviews, including an average 4.6/5 star rating from over 1,100 reviewers on its website. One five-star reviewer named Sophie M. wrote, “Apollo has been surprisingly helpful in every circumstance I have used it in, be it sleep, social interaction, relaxation, or focusing.” 

When you think about the cumulative effect of having some extra, natural, and proven support in all of these areas of your life, it’s difficult to drum up an argument against trying out the Apollo wearable. Even without the statistics, if you ask your average person whether they consider most of the world to be overworked, overtired, and stressed out, they probably would say they did. And even without considering the rest of the world, if you yourself feel like you could operate better with a little extra calm, then using a tool that helps you mindfully access the unused energy within you might be worth considering.

Don’t waste time scrolling through step counts and other distracting metrics with more common wearables. Instead, step into the future with this groundbreaking device. Check out Apollo’s expanded range of colorways and take control of your stress today with $35 off! 

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