How the Country’s Largest Real Estate Investment Platform Thrives

There is a tremendous potential for earnings in commercial real estate. Just last year, the value of American private office construction started was $18.6 billion, new warehouse construction built in the private sector was $48.4 billion, and the total value of commercial real estate put in place was a whopping $91 billion. These are big numbers, which is why countless thoughtful investors continue to flock to this evergreen industry. 

Suppose you’re interested in growing your wealth, developing reliable passive income streams, and expanding and diversifying your portfolio. In that case, it is essential to begin putting money into real estate as soon as possible. If you understand what a prevalent role real estate plays in the economy and your money’s potential growth, then at this point, it’s only a matter of figuring out how to get into investing in the smartest, most cost-effective way. To help guide you along the path, CrowdStreet is the most popular online real estate investing platform in the United States. 

When you sign up for an account with CrowdStreet, you can immediately begin reviewing potential investment opportunities. Its easy-to-navigate marketplace enables you to filter your searches based on a number of factors. 

You can specify the deal terms you’re looking for based on criteria such as minimum investment (ranging from $10K–$50K), minimum hold period (0–10+ years), loan-to-cost ratio, and distribution period. You can also search based on offerings and differentiate between the region where the property exists, the property type, investment profile, and investment structure. So if you want to zero in on hospitality opportunities, medical offices, or any other property type that’s specifically attractive to you, this search system supports it. 

Investors can also filter their searches on the marketplace by eligibility and sponsors. Across all of these individual deals, there are a lot of unique spaces ranging from Fortune 500 office parks to industrial warehouses, hotels, well-positioned properties, and a whole lot more. Because of the search capabilities, you can tailor your investing strategy in virtually any way. Considering that we all have certain businesses and industries that align with our own business interests, it’s super helpful that CrowdStreet enables investors to discover opportunities that will complement their business and deliver meaningful returns. 

The CrowdStreet Marketplace also features a Funds & Vehicles section so that you can invest in things like booming residential rental markets, mezzanine projects, and more. 

To keep track of it all and strategize for constant growth, CrowdStreet Advisors can set you up with a custom-built portfolio. They will provide you with steady, well-sourced investment advice while building your personalized commercial real estate investing strategy. Leveraging the CrowdStreet platform, advisors offer a tailored service with these Private Managed Account services that include dedicated support and access to robust online tracking of your investments. 

If you’re sold on the diversity of offerings on hand at CrowdStreet, then you can have fun and start to look at how these services and features have played out for investors thus far. Since starting out, on top of becoming the country’s largest real estate investing platform, CrowdStreet has also processed over $24 billion in total capitalization, which accounts for the total debt and equity funding for all of its projects. It has also been the site of over $3 billion in raised capital. 

On top of being used by more commercial real estate investors than any of its competitors, CrowdStreet has also been applauded in several major publications, such as The New York Times, NerdWallet, and The Wall Street Journal. On Financial Samurai, one real estate investor wrote, “As an investor in real estate, you want to work with the largest, most funded, and smartest platforms around…I believe CrowdStreet is one of those leaders.” It was also Investopedia’s Best Overall Crowdfunding Site of 2022. To find out firsthand what all of the fuss is about, sign up to become an investor today

As a real estate investor, you look for the opportunity, and then it’s up to you to figure out the specifics from there. With so many people talking about the vast amounts of listings and earning potential with CrowdStreet, it at the very least warrants some attention and consideration.

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