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Espionage Campaign Against U.S. Agencies Involved Known Russian Hackers

Russian hackers linked to espionage during the Obama Administration are suspected in the recent SolarWinds security breach.

High Tech MXene Fabric Being Developed to Stop “Havana Syndrome” Attacks 

MXene can absorb and reflect EM waves, and researchers claim it can keep spies and diplomats safe from microwave attacks, dubbed “Havana Syndrome.”

Here Goes the Air Force’s ‘Big News’

For nearly two weeks, Assistant Secretary of the Air Force (Acquisition, Technology and Logistics) Will Roper, had been teasing “something big” was coming. “We’re Ready. Hope You Are Too,” said Roper in an image posted to his personal Twitter account.

Dwarf Planet Ceres A Possible Candidate For Extraterrestrial Life

New data indicates that Ceres may be an ocean world, and other recent discoveries suggests that water may be common in our solar system.

Cutting-Edge Simulation Technology Being Developed for Military Training 

With hopes of improving the training of future U.S. military leaders, researchers at Purdue University have developed a cutting-edge simulation program that offers students a virtual reality 3-D tour of the famed WWII D-Day battle at Normandy, France.

Getting Oxygen on Mars Is Possible, Scientists Say

With manned missions being planned for Mars, fuel and oxygen are key factors in preparation. Scientists are trying to figure out how to help astronauts breath easy on the Martian surface.

The Army’s Next Generation Prototype Tanks Have Arrived

Last week, the Army announced that two prototype tanks jockeying to be America’s light armored vehicle of the future are in the process of being delivered to the 82nd Airborne Division at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

Ex-Israeli Space Chief’s ‘Galactic Federation’ Based on Alien Conspiracy Theories

A media frenzy recently erupted after comments attributed to a leading figure in Israel’s space program suggested the U.S. Government has a secret agreement with an extraterrestrial “Galactic Federation.”