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Sandia Labs Will Begin Developing Novel Alloys Using Machine Learning

Sandia National Labs announced it has successfully deployed machine learning to aid in developing novel alloys and materials.

Silicon Valley Technologists Interested In Swiss UFO Case

UFOs are seen in Switzerland too, and when one left behind physical evidence, top scientists in California took notice.

Air Force Spacecraft Will Beam Solar Power to Earth Named Arachne, this new satellite will transfer solar energy wirelessly back to any location on the planet.

The Arachne spacecraft is scheduled for launch in 2024. It is built to capture solar energy, convert it and then transmit that power to Earth.

The Nevernight Connection – A ‘Candy Store’ for Espionage

Dramatically shaking his head, “Five years working side-by-side. You think you know a guy,” mutters the fictional Rob Carson with palpable disgust.

A Pair of New Propulsion Systems May Soon Push Us Deeper into Space

For decades, rockets launched into space required traditional chemical propellants to escape Earth’s gravity.

The Nashville Bombing, an In-Depth Analysis of this Bizarre Event

Early Christmas morning, residents of the trendy condos along Second Avenue overlooking the bustling historic district of downtown Nashville, Tennessee, found themselves jolted awake by the startling sounds of rapid gunfire.

Our Future Robot Overlords Will Have Sick Dance Moves

Boston Dynamics dropped a viral video recently featuring their various robots dance to The Contours’ “Do You Love Me.” It is pretty awesome.

Police, FAA Notified After Sightings of Unidentified Aerial Object Over Hawaii

An unidentified aerial object that recently appeared in the night sky over Honolulu resulted in 911 calls to local law enforcement, as well as inquiries with the Federal Aviation Administration.

Private Satellite Launches Are Going into Hyperdrive As Two New Companies Enter the Market

For years, companies like Northrop Grumman and United Launch Alliance were the only option for commercial and private satellite launches.