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Farewell 2020: Five Cosmic Stories We Didn’t Cover But Wish We Had Did You Catch These Stories in 2020?

As we say “farewell to 2020,” and welcome 2021 with open arms, here are five cool space stories we missed and wish we hadn’t.


UFOs Are Still a Mystery, and 2020 Showed Us the DoD is Paying Attention

2020 has seen many advances related to unidentified aerial phenomena, or UFOs, but the subject remains a historical mystery and a challenge to science.


Robotic Combat Vehicles and AI Aircraft Announced by U.S. Military

A trio of recent announcements in December indicate that the US military is investing in robotic combat vehicles and AI fighter aircraft.


NASA Video Shows Upcoming Mars Lander’s “7 Minutes of Terror”

In a new video, NASA shows how the Perseverance rover will have “7 Minutes of Terror” before being placed on Mars by its lander.


UAP Task Force to Provide Report to Senate Intelligence Committee

While the Intelligence Authorization Act for 2021 has been passed, questions remain about a forthcoming report by the Navy’s UAP Task Force.


Gravitational Waves Could Solve A Great Cosmic Mystery

New research suggests that gravitational waves may help unravel questions about the current rate of expansion of our universe.

Meet The Scientists Hunting for Alien Technology Through ‘Technosignatures’

The scientists who search for extraterrestrial technosignatures are coming up in the astronomy world and they want you to know it.


Santa Approved For Spaceflight, Says FAA

In a first, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) says they have approved Santa for spaceflight. Last week, NASA tipped off Saint Nick would be headed to space when they announced Santa would be performing a ceremonial fly-by of the International Space Station to honor the ISS’s 20th anniversary.


Is Santa Claus a Myth or a 5th Dimensional Time Traveler? Theoretical Physics May Finally Answer This Age Old Question.

Quantum physics and time travel may be able to solve how Santa Claus is able to make all those deliveries in just one night.