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Are the New Chinese Aircraft Carriers a Threat?

China has announced it is building new aircraft carriers and increasing her naval power. Does this represent an increasing threat? 

Brain Implants Allow Quadriplegic Man To Feed Himself 

Researchers developed brain implants and AI-controlled limbs that allowed a quadriplegic man to feed himself using his thoughts. 

Ghost Fleet Overlord Passes Latest Sea Trials

The Navy says its Ghost Fleet Overlord recently proved itself capable of sailing nearly 5,000 nautical miles autonomously. 

Senior NASA Scientist Pleads Guilty To Lying About Ties To China’s ‘Thousand Talents Program’

On January 13, 2021, a former senior NASA scientist pled guilty in Manhattan federal court for making false statements about their involvement with China’s Thousand Talents Program. 

New DARPA Night-Vision Tech Will Be As Simple As A Pair of Glasses

DARPA is developing night-vision technology that uses a single lens making a set of goggles no bigger than a pair of glasses. 

Shocking Documents Show Government Paid Millions to Chase UFOs and Werewolves

A Debrief investigation and new unredacted documents shows the odd history of a secretive government program into UFOs and the paranormal. 

A Secretive Technology Could Be Bad News For Capitol Rioters

Unbeknownst to them, a secretive technology that might have been in use could spell bad news for pro-Trump extremists who stormed the U.S. Capitol Building. 

Birds May Use Quantum Mechanics to Navigate Says New Study

A new study may prove that a bird’s ability to navigate using magnetic fields may actually exist in the realm of quantum mechanics. 

New Study Shows Robots May Be Able to Have ‘Empathy’

A new study from the Columbia University School of Engineering and Applied Science has proven that a robot can anticipate another robot’s actions based solely upon visual cues. 

The ISS is Going to Have a Space Hotel Headed by a Former NASA Manager, Axiom is eyeing a 2024 Launch

Space hotels are a science fiction staple, but have remained out of reach until now. Axiom is building one and NASA is funding it. 

Russia Developing a New Unmanned Aerial ‘Drone Killer’

Since the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan erupted in the middle of 2020, Russia has identified a glaring lack of ability to hunt, track, and shoot down enemy drones that have become increasingly omnipresent in the 21st-century theater of war. 

Pentagon Releases New Counter-Drone Strategy

The Pentagon just released its new joint forces counter-drone strategy, detailing their plans for addressing small unmanned aircraft threats. 

Spaceports: The vacation hub of the future?

The future of vacations may come sooner than expected. As industries prepare for commercial space travel, spaceports are being planned worldwide, and Noiz Architects’ Spaceport City in Japan is the latest to bring this futuristic landscape to life. 

Capitol Hill Rioters Scrub Their Social Media in Race Against Archivists

To secure as much evidence as possible, researchers are scraping the internet to create an archive of evidence for the Capitol Hill Riot.