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Germany joined its European allies this month in the space based hypersonic missile defense system, TWISTER.

Europe may be technologically poised to lead the world in defense against future hypersonic missiles via its space-based TWISTER program.

NASA Reached New Heights in 2020, While Aiding the Fight Against COVID-19

Overcoming all obstacles, NASA made waves in 2020, setting the stage for future missions to Mars, while managing to aid in pandemic relief.

Declassified Cold War-Era Spy Satellite Photos Reveal the Impact of Environmental Change

A team of scientists using formerly classified spy satellite photos released through an Executive Order have revealed the hidden changes warfare brings to landscapes.

Physicists Say Milky Way Is a Graveyard of Alien Civilizations

New research conducted Caltech physicists suggests that the Milky Way galaxy may be full of self-annihilated extraterrestrial civilizations.

SETI Detected A Mystery Signal From A Nearby Star

A team of researchers from SETI have detected a mystery signal coming from Proxima Centauri, our closest cosmic neighbor.

New ‘Comet Chaser’ Spacecraft Will Lurk in Orbit Waiting for A Target

Part of the European Space Agency’s Comet Intercept mission, a ‘comet chaser’ probe will lurk in orbit waiting for a target to come along.

Space Force to Triple in Size by 2021

As the U.S. Space Force nears its first anniversary, the plan is to expand from 2,400 active-duty troops to 6,400 by the end of 2021.